Limon Harbor
Photo by: gailf548, Creative Commons

Due to its remote location that is set apart from the rest of Costa Rica, tourists may find Limon different from other places they have visited in the country. This is likely due to the cultural diversity of its residents, who mainly consist of Costa Ricans of Caribbean descent as well as indigenous Indians from tribes such as the Talamanca Cabecarv, Cocles and Bribri. This is particularly apparent in Puerto Limon, the provincial capital, which is heavily influenced by Afro-Caribbean culture.

The major attractions of Limon are its many natural wonders. The province has inland rainforests which reach up to the coastline and swampy lagoons in the north. Limon is also home to the Parque Nacional Tortuguero, a major sea turtle nesting site, where tourists can watch loggerhead, hawksbill and leatherback sea turtles nesting, and the Parque Nacional Cahuita, where the country’s biggest coral reef can be found.

Of course, like other tourist spots in Puerto Rico, the beaches remain the major draw; the province boasts of some of the most beautiful white sand beaches to be found anywhere in the world. Visitors can avail of diving opportunities, surf breaks and sport fishing. Vacationers, however, should avoid visiting between December and January and May and August, since these are the times when rainfall in the province is heaviest.

It is also worth visiting Limon during Carnival, an eagerly-anticipated event which is celebrated in mid-October. During Carnival, activities such as parades, street parties and outdoor concerts featuring national and international concert groups are held, and a Carnival Queen is chosen. The city comes to life as the entire community participates in the event.

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