A busy street in Linz, Austria.

Photo by: spullara, Creative Commons

Being the third largest city in Austria has brought Linz to almost the same level of prestige and international status as the cities of Salzburg and Vienna. It certainly has the advantage of being easily accessible with its good transportation network. Linz, Austria is conveniently connected to the two major cities along a rail line. It also has the reputation of having the largest port that is accessible from the Danube River. Furthermore, a highly efficient bus line network is available within the city boundaries for visitors to explore the city’s treats for the sense of sight, sound and smell with much ease.

Linz, Austria has a great selection of visual attractions for travelers that range from the medieval to the modern era. Saint Martin’s Church is definitely one such attraction. It was built way back in 799 AD under the order of King Charlemagne. Another church built under a different historical period is the Saint Mary’s Cathedral. This church is reputed to be the largest in the country and was constructed in 1864 with French High Gothic design, which gives it a highly appealing edifice and overall structure. More modern structures such as the Gugl Stadium and the Linzer Landestheater make up the amazing visual landscape that can only belong to Linz.

For tourists looking for good music will be happy to note that Classical music performances are regularly scheduled at a concert hall called the Linz Brucknerhaus

Other attractions to enjoy include the Botanical Gardens in Linz. This facility maintains thousands of species of flowers and plants that bloom at various times of the year. Natural scents vary within the facility at springtime, summer time and autumn.

Also tourists can feed their minds by visiting the many museums and art galleries that feature testaments to the rich heritage of the city.

These are just some of the many interesting places and activities that tourists in Linz, Austria can take advantage of regardless of the seasons or the reasons for visiting.

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