Liptovsky Mikulas

Carpathian Mountains
Photo by: covilha, Creative Commons

It may be hard to pronounce for visitors, but going at Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia is definitely worth a try. This town is located on the Váh River at the northern part of Slovakia. It can be spotted at the Liptov region along the Liptov Basin, which is very near in the Low Tatra and the mountains of Tatra. The town, which means Liptovský Saint Nicholas, was heralded as the town of culture and guilds. This used to be part of the Kingdom of Hungary until the year 1918. It was first heard of when its name was mentioned on King Ladislaus IV’s royal deed in 1286.

The town became very important in the Liptov region in terms of crafts. The craftsmen ever created guilds, the oldest of which was the shoemaker’s guild that was founded in 1508.It then became the seat of the local district and the Liptó county in 1677. Another historical impact of the Liptovsky Mikulas was in 1713 when Juraj Jánošík, also known as the local’s legendary Robin Hood, received his sentence and was executed after he was hung on a hook by his ribcage.

It colorful past contributes a lot to its tourism industry. This is why this place is now known to be one of the most famous tourist spots in the whole Slovakia. Aside from its culture and history, it also helps that it is situated at an area where it can be easily accessed. Once there, you may want to see popular caves like the Demänová Ice Cave or the Western Tatras. For recreation, you can try and visit the Liptovská Mara. There is also an aqua park that was only opened in 2004, which is the Aquapark Tatralandia.

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