Lisburn Market House
Photo by: wiki , Creative Commons

Visiting Europe will not be complete without visiting Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Its original site is where Hill Street Estate is now located, while Wallace Park is just north of it.

There are linen industries all over Lisburn, Northern Ireland. In fact, this city is the birthplace of the country’s linen industry which started in 1698. Tourists can benefit from exhibitions being held at the Irish Linen Centre at the Market Square. One of the highlights of the city is the proliferation of different churches. These 134 churches are large in comparison with others locations. The Diocese of Connor and the Christ Church Cathedral are two classic examples of the grandiose structure of churches in Lisburn.

Tourists are attracted to this popular city because of the easy transportation means to and from the city. The railway station is not only well kept; it is able to take tourists from Lisburn to Belfast within 10 minutes. Due to the availability of trains, Lisburn is also connected with other cities that make up the route. Bus routes are also available in the major city roads. The vast network of buses allows for progression of local housing developments. Just two years ago, a Bus Centre had been opened to replace shelters and make transportation even easier.

Sports enthusiasts would like to drop by Lisburn Distillery, a football club that plays Premier League and has been through big changes since it started. This is popular for soccer enthusiasts who followed its transformation. Basketball, Cricket and Racquets Clubs are also worth a visit.

For more cultural travel, you might want to drop by Wallace Park, Wallace High School and Wallace fountains, all of which are offered to Sir Richard Wallace, who have made an impact on the city.

Specifically, Lisburn is a city that capitalizes on work and leisure. Even migrants are attracted to Lisburn, Northern Ireland due to its low unemployment rate and the high property prices in Northern Ireland. It is worth noting that living in Lisburn will assure you good housing conditions, best quality of education and high standard of living. Many public facilities are available for you to choose from. A weekend at the Lagan Valley Leisure Plex will make you want to stay more. It offers the largest leisure pool and the fastest water ride in Ireland. You can also go home with bags of shopping items all purchased from major shopping facilities.

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