View of Great Orme and Llandudno Bay
Photo by: erwlas , Creative Commons

If you are up for a holiday of sheer relaxation, visit Llandudno in Wales. This is deemed to be Wales’ finest and biggest resort town. It is cradled by both the Great and Little Ormes, two headlands made of limestone. The Queen of Resorts, as it is well-known, is home to parks, gardens, theaters and beaches. If you are planning to spend your holiday in Llandudno, you are bound to find an activity that you will enjoy.

Llandudno Festivals

You may want to visit Llandudno when the town and its environs are further spiced up with a festival. This way, not a moment is wasted during your visit. There are several music and art festivals in North West Wales, such as Bangor New Music Festival in March. The Colwyn Blues Festival is in May. Holyhead Festival in July is not really religious. It is a festival that features classic cars, craft stalls, boat rides and again, music. If you want to see people play dress up, you may want to visit in May for the Victorian Extravaganza.

The Victorian Pier

The Victorian Pier is a must-see because it is Wales’ longest pier, at 2,295 feet. This pier is not only used as a landing area of steamers and boats. It is also a place for several recreational activities.

Things to Do in Llandudno

Speaking of recreational activities, there are many other things to Llandudno. These other activities are not related to the festival or the pier. Of course, festival activities are much fun. You get to share the culture of the people of Llandudno. You may also visit gorgeous gardens and visit parks and farms. You can go for physical activities, such as walking around pathways and cycling through designated routes. You can go to the beach to swim or surf. As mentioned earlier, Llandudno is also a great place for visiting the theater and going shopping. The main shopping street, called the Town Library, is a great place to explore even without the shopping. You may simply take photos of interesting sites, such as Deganwy Castle, the Happy Valley and the Haulfre Gardens.

Visiting Llandudno may seem like traveling back to the time because of some quaint-looking buildings and historic reserves. However, Llandudno can definitely respond to all your modern needs. For 150 years, the town has been a tourist getaway spot. Because of this, tourism councils are knowledgeable about how exactly to please the visitors through the years.

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