Lobatse from above
Photo by: Wikimedia by NASA, Creative Commons

If you wish to get away from the overwhelming conservation parks of Botswana, you can take a visit to the town of Lobatse. Being the former capital of the country, you see great historical landmarks in here.

For one, Lobatse houses the country’s High Court. This has been standing in town since 1957. However, this High Court has already become a modern-inspired building since its reopening in 1996. On the other hand, there is still one building in town that reflects history. This is St. Mark’s Anglican Church, which is a stone structure built in 1934. You can still see this church standing strongly in Lobatse, still being used by the people. There are even some efforts these days to restore this building.

However, Lobatse’s offer does not just end with these buildings. If you want to embrace nature, you have a place to go here. Since this town is housed in a range of hills, you can have nature trips in any of them. In fact, the highest point in the country, which is Otse Mountain, is in town. You can take a peak of this great mountain, which is only a few kilometers away from here.

Moreover, another good thing about Lobatse is the climate. Compared to other towns in the country, Lobatse has a wetter and cooler climate. This is a perfect weather to welcome guests from all over the world.

So what else can you be looking for in a destination? The historical landmarks and natural beauties of Lobatse is more than enough to complete your great Africa getaway.

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