Looking from a hill out over Locarno and Lake Maggiore
Photo by: crazbabe21, Creative Commons

If you think that Italy is the only home for the Italian language, you are wrong. In Switzerland, there’s a city called Locarno, whose official language is Italian. And if you think this is the only interesting info about the city, think twice because tourists all over the world find this place so attractive that it never runs out of visitors all year round.

Tourists look forward to witnessing Astrovia Locarno, a very minute model of the Solar System. It is found in Via Gioacchino (where the sun is located), and the cycle runs alongside the river until the village of Tegna where Pluto is set.

Madonna Del Sasso in Orselina is also a popular site in the town. It is said that visions of the Virgin Mary by Bartolomeo d’lvrea in the year 1480 happened in this exact place. Pilgrims would never forget listing it down as one of their top destinations. The rocky area is also a perfect ground for viewing the rest of the city and the lake, with the Swiss mountain ranges in the background.

For adventure hunters, they can ride on a cable-car (designed by the famed architect Mario Botta) to reach the nearest mountain on Locarno called Cardada-Cimetta. It is a popular dwelling place for hikers, hang gliders and skiers. Swimmers and water sports lovers, on the other hand, would definitely try to hang out in Lago Maggiore, a lake near the city.

Built in the 12th century, Castello Visconteo is another highlight of the city. The current structure contains one-fifth of the original remains of the magnificent tower that is significant in the history of Locarno.

Apart from these wonderful landmarks, they also have important events every year. In July, they have Luci e OmSummer Night’s Festival along the lakeside. And every August, they have this Locarno International Film Festival held in Piazza Grande that draws thousands of visitors into the city. For eleven days, visitors and local people celebrate with great music, international films, good food and the inviting aroma of coffee that comes from numerous cafes in Piazza Grande. The International Puppet Theater Festival follows this event, and continues to fill the city with tourists.

Just like other Swiss cities, it has a fine weather during the summers with occasional rains and thunderstorms, while the cold months of winter fill the place with snow.

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