Long Bay

Checking out the beautiful blue water of Long Bay, British Virgin Islands.

Photo by: nayoungkim , Creative Commons

If you are looking for a place to visit in the Caribbean, you should think about going to Long Bay, British Virgin Islands. The place is perfect for families with different interests and also for couples and groups of friends. The location is amazing and the view is breathtaking. Just looking at the scene around you will make you want to go back to the island again and again.

Just like all islands in the Caribbean, you can also do water sports and activities in Long Bay, British Virgin Islands. If you love water sports, be prepared for an exciting day filled with fun activities like snorkelling, swimming, sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, and wind surfing. You will also enjoy non-water sports like horseback riding, walking, hiking, or just basically exploring the island. You will find amazing and interesting facts about the island after just one day of hiking or walking.

Long Bay, British Virgin Islands also offers a great location for your wedding. If you are planning to get married, consider one of the several wedding packages offered in the island’s resorts. Your wedding backdrop will be romantic and perfect for picture taking. Your amazing pictures will serve as memories of the romantic events of your wedding.

The place is also perfect for bird watching. You can see several colourful species of birds like black-necked stilts, blue herons, pelicans, brown boobies, and spotted sandpipers, to name a few. You can use binoculars for better view. Just looking at these colourful exotic birds will surely make you feel as if you are in paradise.

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