Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island-400
Lord Howe Island
Photo by: blackdiamondimages , Creative Commons

Crystal clear waters, undisturbed beaches, sheltered coral reefs and a fascinating view of the Pacific made this subtropical island a paradise for any potential tourist. A jagged crescent-shape island, this earth’s heaven is the closest island near Australia’s capital, Sydney. It is a part of the New South Wales but is on no geological account a part of the continent. Considered as the most beautiful island in the Pacific, it is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site listed, outshining the other three islands in the Lord Howe Island Group. This unexplored island was first discovered on 1788, but remained uninhabited until 1834 when the first settlement arrived.

Visitors will delight in its beauty, having a large variety of different sceneries in just one small location. Two mountains stand on the south like lighthouses guarding the island. Both Mount Lidgbird and Mount Gower also have volcanic origins. Together with the whole island, they are the remains of a volcano and its past activities. The island itself serves as guards protecting its beautiful coral reefs and lagoons, as the moon-shaped land embraces the beauty of its underwater structures.

A place that was never part of Australia’s main land, Lord Howe Island has a distinct variety of animal and plant life. It has similar plant species native to its neighboring island and continent. The island’s plants are considered rare and unique, while a number of its native species became extinct due to the influx of other domesticated animals. With its tropical vegetation, the island serves as the breeding ground of different species of seabirds. Native species include bats and terrestrial reptiles. A large number fish species are also found in the waters, with over 80 kinds of corals under its coast.

Its clear waters please everyone as it is suitable for family outings, swimming and surfing. This island also gives the luxury of privacy. Its mountain provides adventure trips through hiking and walking, with Mount Gower’s walk regarded as the finest daytime walk. Its tropical forest will give the feel of a lush wildlife and its coral reefs, the reflection of its secluded serenity.

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