Los Angeles California Science Center

Aerial Exhibit at California Science Center
Photo by: Wendy McCormac, Creative Commons

There’s nothing like an interactive exhibit to enhance one’s learning experience, especially young children. Parents who want keep their children preoccupied with educational exhibits can schedule a trip to the California Science Center, which prides itself as the largest interactive science center in the West Coast.

Located within the Exposition Park grounds, the Los Angeles California Science Center started out as the State Exposition Building in 1912, showcasing simple agriculture displays and industrial products from the state. As science and technology continued to advance, so did the objective of the group behind the Center. It soon became a science museum in the 1950s and was subsequently renovated to a science education facility in the early 90s.

The Science Center’s main building is the Howard F. Ahmanson Building which sports the original historical façade of its predecessor, the State Exposition Building. There are two permanent exhibits in the building: “World of Life” which explores the life processes of all living creatures, “Creative World,” which showcases the advancement of technology and the new “World of Ecology,” which focuses on the Earth’s ecosystems. The largest IMAX theatre in Los Angeles is also located at the Science Center grounds. A recently renovated exhibit is the SKETCH Foundation Air and Space Exhibits, which displays artifacts collected from various flight and space explorations for over 100 years.

The Science Center continues to expand to contribution to the local science education by opening various learning institutions such as the Science Center School, the Amgen Center for Science Learning, and the Wallis Anneberg Building for Science Learning and Innovation. Each of these facilities offers their students opportunities to learn and utilize cutting-edge science.

The California Science Center is continuously undergoing renovation and expansion, especially more so that they are approaching the third and last phase of the Science Center’s development plans.

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