Lucerne Panorama
Photo by: johntrainor, Creative Commons

Undeniably one of Europe’s most charismatic cities, Lucerne has stunning lakeside and scenic views of the mountain at its doorstep. Lake Lucerne has always been a remarkable site at the northwestern part of the city and at its center, you can explore shops, hotels and houses that are distinctly medieval in style. Reuss River in the old town, and the famous Kapellbrücke or Chapel Bridge that was built in the 14th century, are two of its main attractions.

The Verkehrshaus or Swiss Transport Museum, which is Europe’s finest and largest Transport Museum, is also visited for its comprehensive design along with an IMAX Theater. Trains, planes, and automobiles from different eras are found at this transport museum.

Mountain ranges are also accessible from Lucerne. Mt. Pilatus, Mt. Rigi, Engelberg and Mt. Titlis can be reached via cable cars, steamboats or trains. Going to these mountains for their panoramic views are really adventures you definitely don’t want to miss. As such, visitors will find this city a perfect place for their sports. Hiking, biking, swimming, summer sports and winter sports are the many options they can choose from.

For the art lovers, they can experience Swiss folklore at the Stadtkeller restaurant, a place where traditional Swiss customs are practiced. You’ll also appreciate the architecture in Lucerne that displays work of the late Renaissance period. The famous Lion Monument is also a must-see for all the visitors of the city, one that has a history dating back to the French Revolution. What the Lion Monument commemorates is for you to find out.

Any tourist planning to visit Lucerne must take note of important events that occur in the city throughout the year. Lucerne Carnival is a yearly tradition that begins on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday. In July, they have their Blue Balls Festival that brings jazz music in the air, and another music festival that takes place in November is Lucerne Blues Festival.

The weather in Lucerne is similar to any Swiss city, but do remember that they have the hottest temperatures during July and August. Nevertheless, there are plenty of days for tourists to enjoy Lucerne’s highlights.

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