Train station in Ma’an, pre-1920. It is still operable today.

Ma’an is a city found in southern Jordan which is 218 km away from the capital Amman. It is the capital of Ma’an Governorate. The Ma’an governorate is the largest (by area) in the kingdom of Jordan. Its international borders are Saudi Arabia (East and South) Aqaba, Kerak, and Tafilah (West), and Amman Governate (North).

Maan, Jordan had always been important place even during the biblical times. It used to be the point on an early caravan route in the Middle East and also on the pilgrimage road to Mecca.

The Ma’an governorate is home to many historic sites. Actually, it was declared the Arab capital in 1920 before Amman. The modern Jordan’s first newspaper was issued here and was called the Alhaqqu Ya’lu. But long before modern Jordan, Ma’an had always had its own civilization. The city plays the important role of a transport hub located along the ancient King’s Highway and the modern Desert Highway as well. It is the end of the country’s major rail line (that reaches Damascus, Syria). This train is where agricultural products are carried on for trade.

One of the most famous places to visit when in Ma’an governorate is the city of Petra. It is a city directly carved into the mountain. Several structures in the area are famous spots for tourists such as the Monastery, the Treasury, and the Royal Tombs. This is also where you will find the High Place of Sacrifice and the Roman Theater. If you wish to travel back in time and witness history though great ancient architecture, Ma’an is definitely the place to go.

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