Machu Picchu Weather

When traveling, it is important to learn about the weather conditions of your destination so that you are prepared for your journey. Machu Picchu weather in Peru is determined mainly by the time of year you go. In Machu Picchu, there is the rainy season, which is from October to April. Then the dry season, from May to September each year.

Nice Weather

Machu Picchu weather can actually get hot due to its exposed location. In the dry season the temperatures during the day average around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (mid 30 Celsius). The nights are usually mild averaging around 50 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 12 Celsius), but can sometimes drop lower. The majority of visitors prefer the Machu Picchu weather during the dry season winter months of the year, rather than the wet rainy season.

During the rainy season the majority of rainfall comes in the beginning of the year, in January and February. Even during these periods though, it is normal to have beautiful clear mornings and then see the rain falling in the afternoons. Machu Picchu weather really does not have to limit your vacation options. Even though the majority of tourists visit in June to August, the mild climate in Peru really invites travelers all year round.

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