Madewini Creek

Abary River running through Guyana
Photo by: madmack66, Creative Commons

Madewini Creek, located less than an hour from Guyana’s capital, Georgetown, is notable for the white sand beach that runs seven hundred feet along the creek’s length and has led many beachfront resorts to open there.

One of the most popular of these beachfront resorts is Emerald Towers. The resort consists of thirteen one-bedroom cabins, and is a popular spot for day and overnight outings by both residents and tourists who would like to enjoy the rich variety of flora and fauna that can be found in the 167 acres of dense jungle surrounding the resort, or who would simply like to swim or go sailing. The rustic ambiance of the area is sure to appeal to the more adventurous tourists seeking to have a vacation that’s off the beaten path. But for those who would prefer to remain at the resort, Emerald Towers offers facilities for a wide variety of sports, including miniature golf, volleyball, cricket and table tennis.

Also notable is the Madewini Gardens Resort, where guests can rent benabs (thatched huts) for picnicking and overnight camping, and enjoy the many leisure activities the resort offers. Nature lovers can go bird watching or take hikes in the jungle around the resort. They can also go fishing in the resort’s man-made lake, go swimming in the black water creek or take a canoe trip up the Madewini. There are also two swimming pools and a large enclosed area that can serve as an improved field for either cricket or football.

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