Mafia Island

The Rufiji River
Photo by: Explorer Travel, Creative Commons

If you are tired of all the busy city routines, if you seek a place for retreat and relaxation, or if you simply want to be one with nature, Tanzania’s Mafia Island is the right place for you.

Together with Pemba and Unguja, Mafia Island forms the Tanzanian Spice Islands. It lies in Rufiji River’s mouth in South Tanzania. Mafia is actually an archipelago. Its capital town is Kilindoni. Like the rest of Tanzania, the region experiences tropical climates. Temperature throughout the year ranges from 65 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The archipelago has a lengthy stretch of coastline. These are beautiful white sand beaches. One can enjoy sun bathing and water sports in the warm waters of Indian Ocean. The rich coral reefs and the number of fish species are the main attraction of the area. These attract snorkelers, game fishermen and scuba divers. One can also enjoy a refreshing nap while on the boat. There are several land activities too, like cycling and road excursions. People can also hire warm and friendly guides for hikes and bird watching.

The first national marine park of Tanzania is the Mafia Island Marine Park. This consists of the coral reefs, beaches and lagoons in the archipelago. It also includes the animal and plant species exclusive to the region. Thousands of visitors every year come to appreciate nature in this island. There are no crowded infrastructures in the place, towering skyscrapers and pollution. It is truly a natural experience.

At the day’s end, people can choose from top-rated hotels. They are the Mafia Island Lodge, Chole Mjini Lodge and Kinasi Lodge. They also offer mouth watering Tanzanian food and world dishes.

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