Magdalena is a small town in Beni, Bolivia. It is the capital of Iténez Province and Magdalena Municipality.

Magdalena has sub-tropical weather, which is pleasant during warm days. It is located on the eastern part of the savannas of Beni. Magdalena is near the large areas of rain forests and can be an easy way to other great places in the Amazon area.

When in Magdalena, you can stay at the Internationale Hotel, where you can eat great food, lodge in relaxing and beautiful rooms, and swim in clean pools at an affordable price. The Internacional Hotel is located in the sub-tropic zone of Bolivia, 300 km away from the capital of Beni. It is also near the forest of Amazon.

Magdalena’s main mode of transportation is motorcycles. You can hear the roaring sounds of motorcycles during the day or night. The pastime of people in Magdalena is night cycling at the central plaza known as the Plaza Mariscal José Ballivián. You can find internet cafés, stores, restaurants, and government buildings around the central plaza.

Magdalena has a unique and remarkable attraction, which is its open drains surrounding the blocks of buildings. These drains are connected together through lidded ditches. As heavy rainfall occurs during December and May, these open drains are necessary.

Although during some parts of the year, Magdalena is hot and humid. However, it is fun to stroll around its large rivers, which are branches of the Amazon River. More so, you can also hang out to relax in allowed areas where huge forests can be found.

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