Makadi Bay

Blue, blue, blue…Makadi Bay
Photo by: mac-1-2-3, Creative Commons

If you are ready to take on the deserts of Egypt, the first place to go to is Makadi Bay. The desert here is second to none; it is fiercely radiating, profoundly tame and surprisingly hollow. It is simple yet majestic and inviting. Makadi Bay also has a sea that is like no other. No pollution harms the sea; its marine life is fertile and healthy.

Your vacation to Makadi Bay can never be complete if you do not see the desert for yourself. The deserts range from the most popular locations to the most unknown, unprecedented ancient sites that have spread throughout the line of civilizations. These deserts have been around for years and so has the Red Sea. The Red Sea has the most stunning marvels that every tourist has to witness.

There are a lot more travel destinations to enjoy aside from the deserts and Red sea of Makadi Bay. This place is prosperous in historical places and natural wonders. To make sure that you enjoy the rest of your vacation, check if your hotel accommodation organized your trip to the most luxurious sights of the city.

Giftun Island National Park is one of the places that complete a holiday vacation. Excursion in this island entails seeing the magnificence of the coral reefs that decorate the waters of the sea. It is almost as if you are in a paradise of coral reefs. Ride a boat and put in your snorkeling gear; dive into the water and appreciate the beauty of the sea. Just after you had your snorkeling, relax at a nearby restaurant, eat your food of choice and let the day pass as you sun-bathe on your stretcher.

Another two of the tourist destinations in Makadi Bay are St. Paul’s Monastery and St. Anthony’s Monastery. With just a few hours of driving, you can be taken back to the past. In these monasteries, you will be reminded of the inspiring stories of how monasticism started. You will be fed with rich information through the monks that serve as tour guides.

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