Bush Taxi in Makak, Cameroon
Photo by: Wiki Commons, Creative Commons

Nigeria is a beautiful place to see and explore when visiting Cameroon, Africa. Do not think that board and lodging would be a problem since there are hotels, several 5 stars or lower depending on your budget to accommodate you and take care of your needs. So pack your bags and go to the nearest hotels like Yaounde Hotel, Douala Hotel and the Mbalmayo Hotel, to name a few, which is a little far but has one of the best services in the area.

Makak, Cameroon is the town in the central part of Cameroon found on the central province. Tourists often fly to this small area when en route to the other places found in Nigeria. You will find it to be a very interesting place.

The wildlife is amazing here in Makak, Cameroon. You will find a vast array of flowers that can only be found here in Makak. If you take a trip to Makak, make sure to get your mandated immunizations against yellow fever and malaria since you will need proof of having these shots.

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