Makati at night, still busy with bright lights.
Photo by: Squeezyboy, Creative Commons

If there is a place in the Philippines that almost never sleeps, it is Makati, Philippines. Makati City is the business district of the country. The many different local and international corporations operate in this center. Makati city is not actually a place that most tourists would go to, but there are still a lot that you can appreciate about the city.

Makati is the place for foreign visitors that do want to experience the amenities of Western countries while enjoying their stay in the Philippines. The Makati area is just thirty minutes away from Manila’s international airport. All that you need to do is ride a cab from the airport to get to Makati. The city entails higher and better standards of cleanliness, service and order compared to most of Metro Manila.

Makati is home to the most famous hotels – Renaissance, Shangri la and the Manila Peninsula. These can give you the world-class accommodation that you are looking for. There are also a lot of establishments that can be found in Makati. Glorietta and Greenbelt are two of the most famous shopping hubs. The two shopping malls are enclosed by soaring office buildings, fancy and sophisticated hotels, and condominiums. The ambiance in Makati is very posh, formal, but leisurely fun still.

Clean streets are much more noticeable in Makati because the streets are rarely hassled by people. The nightlife in the city is tamer because of the business-like ambiance and attitude. Nevertheless, Greenbelt is still a great attraction during the night as there are tens of restaurants that enclose a green garden. The restaurants vary from local establishments to international cuisines. You may opt to hop to Glorietta if you want to experience the same leisure for cheaper prices.

A big number of foreign embassies operating in the Philippines can be found in Makati. Even the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) is located in the area; it is just a couple of blocks away from the Ayala Center. Travelers who are interested in the stock market of the Philippines can pay visit to the office.

Makati, Philippines is the most progressive cities in the country. If you want to discover how many businesses run their operations in the country, pay a visit to Makati.

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