La Malagueta – Plaza de Toros
Photo by: Kevin, Creative Commons

The city of Malaga is proud of their heritage and their history. There are many famous people who come from this proud city. Two men who come from Malaga are Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas.

Finding and getting yourself around the city is easy. They have a number of public forms of transportation including airports and seaports. Within the city limits, you can just as easily go from one place to another by means of high-speed trains and by taking local buses and cabs while traveling on efficiently paved and mapped-out roads and highways. It is also a convenient place to stay should you like to visit the different neighborhoods that Malaga has to offer.

One of the greatest sites in Malaga is the Gibralfaro castle where you can be able to get the best overview of the entire city from the inside. Churches are vast in this city. Among the best architectural sites and places of worship that you can visit will include the Cathedral of the Encarnation, Iglesia de San Juan Bautista, Iglesia de San Sebastian, Iglesia Parroquial de Santiago and Iglesia del Sagrario.

Each year, they hold what is the equivalent of our traditional April Fool’s Day during the 28th of December. They also observe a longer and more festive observance of the 40 day long lent that begins in February. Here you will easily find people who are dressed in their traditional garbs. There are also parades and Flamenco dancing all over the city. This is also the best time of the year to visit should you wish to see and partake with all the traditional potteries and artifacts.

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