The Sobat River
Photo by: wikimedia, Creative Commons

Located in the Upper Nile of Sudan, and just above the Sbet River, Malakal is the capital of Wilayah State and home to the ethnic groups Dinka Ngok, Nuer and Shilkuk. This former civil war garrison is now a famous destination among tourists who want to get away from a busy life and a maddening crowd. And Malakal is a top choice among the cities in Sudan because of its great transportation network. The Malakal Airport known as the MAK links to other cities non-stop and has 2 weekly flights that depart to short destinations. Local transportations in Malakal also make it very easy to get by daily.

Parks, towers and mosques are only a few of the architectural brilliances in Malakal. And Kampala hotel is only one of the great accommodations there. You will also enjoy the small cafeterias and eateries that provide some of the best Sudanese delicacies in Malakal such as the wal-wal, which is a boiled flour dumpling, and the foul, a seasoned ground nut dish.

For those who enjoy photography and other artistic inclinations, the culture of the Nuer tribe would stunningly make great subjects, or even for simple sight seeing for that matter. Whether it’s seeing the women gather drinking water from the fresh pool, the men roofing a barn of plastering a house, or even fishing and cattle crossing, the Nuer culture is indeed a natural wonder. You mustn’t also miss seeing the tribal markings of the ethnic groups in Malakal, including the red cobra and the Nuer Worship Center. Their place of worship is a small hut mostly made of straw and the Dura plant.

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