Crowded Beach at Mamaia
Photo by: Austin Donisan, Creative Commons

Mamaia is a wonderful place to visit in Romania, it is at the forefront of Romanian tourism industry and it’s also considered the biggest resort of the coastline. So if ever you think about European beaches, nothing’s better than Mamaia. It’s situated on the Romanian Black Sea shore and immediately north-east of Constanta city. No matter how beautiful Mamaia almost as no full-time residents as it is populated mostly during the summer.

The hotels are stupendous and they range from mid-ends to exclusive 4 and 5 star hotels. And what’s better than is also the availability of private clubs. Top hotels include the Iaki Hotel, the Condor Hotel, Best Western, Vega Hotel and Central Hotel; all of which offer great accommodations and access to the astonishing beach of Mamaia. Mamaia can basically house 20,000 visitors at one point.

The resort has tennis courts, and outdoor theatre and mini golf courses for those who want to have fun between those exhausting swims. Water sports and cruises to the nearby Ovidiu Island are also possible at the Lake Siutghiol. There are over twenty restaurants where tourists won’t mind dining at everyday as these places offer different dishes specific to various country regions.

In the resort you can find Aqua Magic, a place with gigantic slides and infinity pools. Shopping at La Cumparaturi, and riding the telegondola (cable cars) that run through the resort are other fun things to do in Mamaia. The city is a wonder by night, as you can imagine the resort doesn’t sleep at night during the summer.

Being in Europe, tourists can also expect great cultural and religious tours even within the resort. Mamaia is indeed a wondrous Romanian tourist destination.

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