Road Sign in Mampikony, Madagascar
Photo by: David Darricau , Creative Commons

The majority of the tourist spots in the world are becoming less of a sight to behold since they are not able to retain their beauty, not to mention that they are being overshadowed by the developing modernization of different societies. There are places, however, that are still exempt from such cases. One of these places would have to be a beautiful town in Madagascar – Mampikony.

The people in Mampikony believe that by keeping there city neat and organized will not only benefit their tourism income, but will also keep their town healthy and invulnerable from any kind of pollution. This is why the town itself would have to be the spot where tourists should visit.

The people in the streets selling seashells, stones and other natural stuff paired with the festivities that take place in the city make up the defining feature of Mampikony. Tourists will be able to witness the colorful civilization that existed in the area during its early times and how the traditions and culture were passed on to the society that inhabits the town today.

Also, the people in Mampikon are very welcoming and kind to tourists. They make sure that the ones who visit the area will feel at home regardless of where they are at that moment.

With Mampikony retaining its natural beauty, other tourist spots across the globe should follow suit and do something to protect nature from being harmed. Otherwise, people all over the globe will live in an Earth that does not resemble what it should be.

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