Mana Island

Mana Island – A Birds Eye-view
Photo by: jaredw 1986, Creative Commons

Mana Island is a member of the cluster of islands collectively known as Mamanuca Group. Mana Island is a secluded island that lies about 30 kilometres northwest from Denarau Island. It is accessible by air and water. The most convenient way to get to Mana Island is via a 12-minute plane ride on Sun Air. Going by plane is not only a fast alternative, but is also the more visually revealing. It lets you look down on the lush vegetation and the pristine beaches below, as well as the coral reefs that the azure waters of the coast of Mana Island. If you prefer to go by boat, you may also do so via any of the catamarans bearing the South Sea Cruises flags.

Mana Island is mainly a beach paradise. It services both the high-end and the budget travellers. There is an upscale, well-maintained resort called the Mana Island Resort that is nestled between the north and the south beaches. The resort itself spans 80 hectares. That is hectares and hectares of beach and water fun for both couples and families. There are also a couple of budget resorts for travellers on a shoestring. These resorts though are located near the village on the south-eastern part of the island.

The waters of the coast of Mana Island are home to natural deep-sea treasures. The waters are teeming with corals, and small fishes that are bursting with colours all year round. If you happen to be at the south beach pier, check out how the little fishes perform for spectators under the night sky. For visitors who are into diving, on the other hand, there are also majestic dive sites off Mana Island. There are a lot of diving groups and dive services that you can check out while there.

There are also pockets of foliage within the island, not exactly near the beaches. The more adventurous visitors who would like a break from the beaches can explore inwards and check out the local scene. You can always ask natives what is there to see within the island, or ask for directions to a place of interest, and they will be very happy to help you. For example, you can ask around for directions to the tallest hill in the island. Sweat some by hiking to the top of the hill and let the view of the nearby reefs take your breath away.

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