Mana Pools National Park

Mana Pools National Park
Photo by: Wikimedia commons , Creative Commons

Mana Pools National Park is located in the extreme north of Zimbabwe, and is a fragment of Parks and Wildlife Estate, the 10,500-square kilometer domain that extends from the Mozambique River in the east to the Kariba Dam in the west.

Situated here are the remains of old channels that have been left behind by the Zambezi River. These remains formed small seasonal pools dispersed over two thousand square kilometers. No walls or any physical borders surround the park and animals are given great freedom to move throughout the land. In fact, they could even move northwards across the Zambezi River to as far as Zambia where wildlife conservation sanctuaries are also found.

One of the great things about Mana Pools is that visitors can walk in the open woodland without having to use guides since the visibility is good and the chances of suddenly coming across wildlife are very slim. This opportunity to walk alone unaccompanied by a guide in an area with dangerous animals is unique in Zimbabwe. It is actually the thing that made Mana Pools National Park the magical place that it is today.

During the summer season, over 450 species of birds can be seen. Some of the common sights include waterbucks, sables, elands, kudus, lions, wild dogs, and cheetahs. During the winter months of June and July, photographers love coming to Mana Pools because during its normal misty mornings along Zambezi River.

The other enjoyable activities visitors usually do here aside from walking during the morning to observe the animals include game drives, fishing, and canoeing.

The ideal time to go to Mana Pools is perhaps between the months of March and August since the climate is dry and warm, and the temperature is moderate. For those who plan to have the best game-viewing experience possible, it is best to go during September and October as the animals concentrate by the river to drink.

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