Boat Marina in Manama, Bahrain
Photo by: deaf dude , Creative Commons

Manama is the capital of Bahrain and it is the perfect place to go to if you love a vast assortment of great sights and tourist attractions. This city attracts a lot of foreign visitors from all around the world each year due to its historical relics and marvelous religious monuments.

If you are in Manama, one of the places you should not dare miss is the Sitra. It is one of the most frequented sites in the city because it has been there since the prehistoric age. This was where the first settlement was found (as early as 2800 BC) and was consequently superimposed by other settlements. These days, what you can see in Sitra is a Portuguese Fort and a number of relics that have been excavated in the area.

Another spot you should go to is the Al Khamis Mosque. This eminent structure has twin minarets that are outstanding in design. It is one of the oldest Islamic traces in the world which is believed to have been established during the 11th century BC. The mosque has been renovated a number of times and now sports a new look.

The third spot you should not miss when in Manama, Bahrain is the Siyadi House. This is an impressive 19th century building in the city famous for its designer ceilings, exotic d├ęcor, stained glass casements, and notable architecture.

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