Oxford Road in Manchester
Photo by: jlcwalker Creative Commons

Manchester England used to be known as an industrial city back in history. But today, the situation has changed dramatically as the city is now starting to gain a more cosmopolitan feel that can be comparable to London. It is undergoing an exciting change that you should definitely experience for yourself. So if you’re looking for a change of pace from London’s hectic scenery, then a visit to Manchester should definitely be included in your travel plans.

Manchester is also known as a student city, since it is home to the 3 of the most popular educational institutions in the United Kingdom. Because of this, the city has transformed itself into an exciting venue for student life. If you’re looking for inexpensive drinking and eating establishments then you should see what the south Manchester area can offer you. With over 80,000 students living in the area full time, you can expect to get year round good deals on lodging in this area.

The city of Manchester has become the quintessential mixed city, as it is home to an assortment of different races and religions existing peacefully alongside each other. It also has a very tolerant view towards sexual diversity. If you’re looking for a taste of the nightlife then don’t forget to make your way to The Village to experience the best bars and clubs in the area. The annual pride festival, usually held on the last weekend of August, hosts exclusive fund raising events to give to various AIDS charities all over the world.

Manchester has a number of world-class theatres and concert venues that you can visit if you want to see the cultural side to the city. The Cornerhouse located on Oxford Road is a great find for all those art house cinema fanatics out there. Also worth a visit is The Lowry, a venue that not only displays paintings and artwork of L.S. Lowry, but also stages an assortment of different theatre productions. For a chance to watch famous musical acts, make your way to the Bridgewater Hall or the Manchester Central. If you’re more inclined to learn more about the past, then don’t forget to visit the Imperial war Museum North at the Quays and the Manchester Museum on Oxford Road.

Lastly, if you’re interested in watching a football match, be sure to check out the Manchester United Football Club in action. Tickets have the tendency to sell fast so if you’re determined to see a match, you need to buy your seats as soon as you arrive.

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