Most tourist spots in the world today might be a great spot for tourists just because they have the best resorts or the best hotel services that one could afford upon touring the place. However, these things should not only be the only reasons for tourists visiting the said areas, since the most important thing is to get in touch with a culture that they are unfamiliar with. One of those places would have to be Mandabe in the wonderful country of Madagascar.

Mandabe is definitely one of those places in Madagascar that should be visited more often because of its rich culture and tradition that is evident not only seen from the hospitable and nice people that populate the area, but also in their ways of living. The majority of people in Mandabe farm for a living, so tourists should expect that the city has a real connection to its past roots and hasn’t been industrialized.

There are a few hotels or mini-motels in the area that will provide comfort to tourists who are exploring the area and taking shots of the beautiful places in Mandabe, including the fields that are green and free from any pollution. This area is definitely the closest that tourists can get to a place that is still very primitive.

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