Black River
Photo by: alfredmoya, Creative Commons

Mandeville is the chief town of the parish of Manchester. It was established in 1816 and the old buildings can still be seen in the area up until today.

It was once an inactive town but has lots of activity nowadays because of the rich resources of alumina found in the land. Ecotourism has also grazed Mandeville as more and more people come to visit the resorts of the town.

It has strong British influences which is the main reason it is regarded as the English town of Jamaica.

Today, it is considered as one of the top destinations in Jamaica.

Food and Dining

There are a number of restaurants that you can enjoy in the area. You can visit the Mandeville Restaurant which is located at the Mandeville Hotel. It serves simple homemade meals that are surely delectable.

Then, there is The Den, an old fashioned restaurant serving the best Jamaican dishes accompanied with nice live music to soothe your ears. You can also try the Bamboo Village Restaurant for some Authentic Chinese cuisine.


There are some important spots that you can visit while in town. Enjoy the sights and the surrounding of the beautiful Mandeville area.

Black River. It is known as the largest river in Jamaica. Its name is widely attributed to the rotting vegetation which caused the darkness in its river bed.

Manchester Country Club. You can enjoy a nice round of golf in Jamaica’s oldest golf course.

Y.S. Falls. The waterfall that runs down the Y.S. River. It cascades towards the tropical forest and is a spectacular sight with clear waters and ferns.

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