Beautiful Lake Malawi, Mangoche
Photo by: bigdmia, Creative Commons

When you are travelling, you want to be comfortable even while in the wildest places imaginable. You do not want to rough it even when sleeping or relaxing after a long day of walking and taking pictures. It is important that you stay in a good hotel with delicious food, friendly staff, nice location, and great service. If you happen to travel to Mangoche, Malawi, you will have no problem finding a good hotel where you can stay for the duration of your trip.

Some of the most popular hotels are the Nkopola Lodge, Club Makakola, and the Sun and Sand Palm Beach. In all of these three hotels, you will be impressed with the simple yet wonderful rooms. They are not luxurious, but they are cozy and comfortable, which is very important when you looking for accommodations during your travels. The staff is very friendly and warm. They will help you with the things that you need. They even wash their customers’ clothes very well. Food is also great. You will experience local cuisine because Mangoche, Malawi is teeming with local produce and fish.

Mangoche, Malawi also has the famous Lake Malawi. One good thing about this lake is that you can swim in it without worrying about angry crocodiles or hippos. And when you dive into the lake, you will see colourful fish that you can only find in Malawi. After taking a dive, you can relax near the lake where you can see fabulous birds, like the Fish Eagle, Malawi’s national bird.

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