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Maniitsoq, meaning “the rugged place”, completely lives up to the name. The deep and constricted fjords and a number of the lofty mountains in the West Greenland are frequent in the vicinity. Maniitsoq is surrounded by a remarkable archipelago as well, where several of the municipality’s nearly 3000 residents have put up weekend and hunting cabins. A seafaring voyage on Hamborger Sound located north of the town is an overwhelming experience in a cosy sound where water is flat and smooth, which is quite the opposite to Maniitsoq’s rough mountain peaks.

In the vicinity about Maniitsoq, you could go angling in summer season; take a sailing trip or a hike to the glacier-packed Evighedsfjord, better known as The Fjord of Eternity, with its 6500-foot (2000 metres) high mountains. The vicinity about Maniitsoq is perfect for kayaking and for several years has been considered to be among Greenland’s most challenging and exciting skiing areas for both cross-country and alpine disciplines as well. The area presents wonderful chances for skiing on the broad glacial and mountainous areas east and north of Maniitsoq with the opportunity to try ski-touring which could be done any time of the year, and heli-skiing from the month of March until the end of May.

Archaeological relics show that the area about Maniitsoq has been occupied at different eras during the last 4000 years. The museum of Maniitsoq, which is consisted of four buildings of colonial periods, possesses a great exhibition of items.

Among the buildings of the museum consists wholly of exhibitions of handicrafts and arts from the Maniitsoq area: sculptures carved in whale tooth, soapstone and bone, paintings, and other arts and crafts as well.

Maniitsoq is located on and island. The area is typified by one big archipelago and a huge amount of lengthy, deep fjords which means a lot of water activities. However, the area is famous for skiing as well. You will find a number of Denmark’s greatest fishing waters here, too.

Examples of fun activities:

Heli-skiing for the adventurous –
From mid-March until the start of June, it is the heli-skiing season. The scorching sun, powder sun and 900 square kilometres of skiing land make the place perfect for snowboarding and skiing.

The Eternity Fjord is located some trail from Maniitsoq. Green valley ravines compete with glaciers that nearly seem to fall out over mountainsides, and a remarkable bird cliff is passed on the way, too.

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