Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls
Photo by: rjones0856, Creative Commons

The adventure never ends when you are on the Island of Oahu. You can swim, surf and bathe in the sun for as long as you want when you are spending your precious vacation on this state. It is definitely home to many sites that are close to nature, like nature parks, mountain ranges and bodies of water other than the sea and ocean. The Manoa Falls in Oahu is one of these alternative places to visit when you seek more adventure in Hawaii.

Most hikers consider the trail up the Manoa Falls an easy one compared to other trails in the area because it is relatively short. For this reason, the falls draws in so many visitors each year, making it one of the two most crowded trails in Oahu Hawaii. The other one is the Diamond Head Crater trail.

Going to Manoa Falls from Waikiki can be a little tricky because of some confusing roads that changes names at some point, but you won’t get lost. It is best to as for the right directions and the easiest routes from locals or official tour guides to make sure you get to the site early. You may reach it using your own car because there is a huge parking area near the trail. If you do not wish to pay any amount for parking, you may also leave your car on the sides of the street, which is also a safe thing to do.

When you go on a hiking trip to Manoa Falls, make sure that you are well-equipped with the proper hiking gear. Just because the trail is easy doesn’t mean you can be lax on safety precautions. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes so you can move freely. Don’t forget to bring your camera for some souvenir shots.

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