Lower Falls in Mansa
Photo by: wiki , Creative Commons

In the country of Zambia you will find the quaint but magnificent Luapula Province. The capital of this province is Mansa. The city of Mansa was once referred to as Fort Rosebery during the British rule. Later on, it took the name of the river Mansa that is also the name of the local chief. The city is strategically located to be able to access several other locations that are neighboring the province. Mansa is known to host the administrative body that governs that luscious waterfalls, wetlands, rivers and lakes throughout the province.

As the country is quite direct and dedicated in terms of preserving the beauty of the wildlife landscapes and other naturally given gifts to the country, they take pride in making sure that these are done accordingly. Despite the change in times and the progression of commercial and industrial developments, they have made sure that they still take care of nature. This is the reason that they have taken a step in partnership with countries such as Finland and Switzerland to create a governing body that is meant to provide the same benefits to nature.

There are few things to see in this city yet it is still a magnificent sight and place to be in. The Mumbuluma falls is one of the best things that you can ever marvel at in this province. Beautiful and breath taking sights are everywhere. It is not hard to imagine that despite the progression of the world there is still much beauty to witness.

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