Mar de Plata

Club de pescadores, Mar de Plate, Argentina

Photo by: ojota , Creative Commons

Mar de Plata is a very large city popular for its beaches that easily get crowded with tourists and portenos during the summer months. Located four hundred kilometers south of Buenos Aires; Mar de Plata can be accessed by air, by road, or even by train.

Attractions You Should Not Miss

Historic Homes

Mar de Plata serves as host for tons of well preserved historic homes. Expect to see buildings with assorted designs and materials and also expect to be amazed in seeing beautiful and historical Victorian summerhouses.

Museo del Mar

Here you will see thousands of shell collections from all around the world. Museo del Mar also hosts a tidal pool exhibit which is still a must see, even on a rainy day. Large aquariums are also located here displaying fish from al around the world.

Zoologico el Paraiso

The Zoologico el Paraiso is an eight hectare park with over three hundred different species of exotic and domestic animals that roam free in the area. Tours, both day and night, are available and can be easily be acquired from tourists packages.

The Beaches

The beaches are the main attraction in Mar de Plata. Waikiki beach, Punta Iglesia, and Playa Grande are just three of the most popular beaches you can go to.

Theater Shows

Theatre shows are plentiful in Mar de Plata. Making reservations is a must especially during tourist season, as these shows can easily get fully booked.

Things You Need to Know

• Taxis in Mar de Plata cost five dollars (US) per four kilometers. Taxis are actually very numerous in the area and most drivers are quite accommodating and honest.

• Mar de Plata is actually a safe place where you can walk to get to your destination. The entire area has sidewalks that are secure, beautiful, and well lit during the night.

• Tourist season in Mar del Plata is during the summer months. Fewer tourists come during the rainy seasons but it still is wise to make reservations and acquire tour packages to save on time and money.

• Getting early to the beach will be your solution if you are not a fan of crowds. Also, some locals have a tradition of kicking sand on your blanket or even on your face so just be cool with it.

• There are over five hundred hotels in Mar de Plata but these hotels easily get full during the summer months. Make sure you get a reservation to ensure you will have a room you can enjoy.

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