The city of Maracay
Photo by: Cristóbal Alvarado Minic, Creative Commons

Maracay is one of the most important cities in Venezuela. This city is the capital of one of Venezuela’s 23 states, Aragua. Here in this city, one would spot one of the most popular sites in the country, The Aviation Museum. Because the city is closely tied to the military, a lot of aviation tools were made from here. It even holds two of the biggest bases of the Air Force in Venezuela. Other than this, the famous F-16 fighter planes of the country can also be found here. There are also other weapons that are being displayed in the museum. There are some weapons that are still being used in the modern world but most are weapons from the previous wars. If you are someone who is interested in weaponry and wars between countries, this city will surely be a must-go for you. A visit in Venezuela would not be complete if you would not set foot in Maracay.

It is common in South American countries to preserve their heritage as much as possible and this is evident in Maracay as well. Other than the artillery and the fighter planes used by the military, Maracay also has a number of museums containing important artifacts from the past. Seeing these artifacts closely would surely give you an idea of how rich their culture is and would make you appreciate the country even more.

Other places to go to in Maracay are The Opera House, The Anthropological Museum and The Museum of Modern Arts.

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