Mariánské Lázně

Mariánské Lázně
Photo by: Caroig, Creative Commons

If you were to visit the Czech Republic, there is one tourist destination you could stay for a longtime – Mariánské Lázně. There are so many things that this place has to offer that evolve around the Art and Culture, Food and Beverages and Recreation of this culture. Over the years, this tourist destination has welcomed guests to visit the Springing Fountain, mineral springs, churches, colonnades, museums and the geological parks.

You will feel like a child all over again when you see the springing fountains that is found in Mariánské Lázně. The best time to watch it is at night when a display of wonderful lighting highlights the water’s motions. One piece of trivia is that the waters that could be drunk here are very laxative. Yes, they are even exported to other parts of the world as seltzers to aid in constipation.

When you consider of visiting Mariánské Lázně to help you cure some skin ailments, then you in the right place – they have mineral springs that would cater to your submerged baths for a given time to ease the itch and inflammation brought about by impurities of the body. What is attractive to tourists is that many of the several mineral springs in the area are free of charge.

You can call the Mariánské Lázně as the place where different religions converge to pay homage to their respective churches that can be found at this place. Even though this small town has around less than 20 thousand citizens, anywhere you turn, you will successfully find a refuge for your soul.

Museums are also one of the attractive tourist destinations since you will be able to witness the works of brilliant and gifted artists who have received world recognition in their respective crafts. There is one built for the great Fryderyk Chopin that houses his musical albums and prints.

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