Marsh Harbor

Th beautiful blue sky over Marsh Harbor, Bahamas

Photo by: tomathon, Creative Commons

Marsh Harbor, Bahamas is the home to about four thousand people and is the third largest town in the Bahamas. It is the largest town in the island of Abaco and has most of the inns, hotels, marinas, and diving spots. Marsh Harbor is known as a significant hub to ferries, which connect the rest of the Loyalist Cays. Aside from earning revenue from tourism, it also has a large shipbuilding industry. It is just off the Great Abaco Highway. Marsh Harbor is also near Little Abaco and Treasure Cay, so if you happen to be in either location, it will be a great idea to drive through the town too.

Marsh Harbor has everything you will need for a typical small town in Florida. It has a bookstore, grocery stores, post office, specialty shops, laundry mats and travel agencies. Most of the town’s visitors come here to swim, boat, snorkel, or simply stay at one of the lodges found near the waterfront on Bay Street. By doing so, you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing time alone or with the family. If you want to try kayaking, it is easy to arrange a trip with the guides too.

There are taxis, which go around the town to help transport you from one spot to another. However, you can also choose to rent a bicycle, a motorcycle or a motor scooter if you feel like going on a solo trip or with a friend. The town is a relatively safe place for tourists and the people here are friendly and accommodating.

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