Martin Luther King Jr. Childhood Home

Childhood home of Martin Luther King Jr.
Photo by: jimbowen0306, Creative Commons

One of the greatest Americans who played a vital role in the Civil Rights Movement is Martin Luther King Jr. By now he is imprinted in the history not only in African Americans, but in the whole world. His non violent approach to attaining advancements in civil rights is similar to that done by another man, Mahatma Gandhi. With all his accomplishments as a man, some may forget that he too spent his earlier days pretty much as any normal child would. That is why it is with this fervent remembrance of the life that he led that people come and visit his former home in Montgomery, Alabama.

Situated in 309 South Jackson Street, the house of the Martin Luther King and his family is quite a presence with its two-story Queen Ann construction. The house was built in the 1920s, and has witnessed the growth of the family with the birth of the three King children, Martin Luther Jr., Alfred Daniel, and Christine. The family eventually moved out in 1960 and the house has seen degradation through time.

To bring it back to it former state, restoration teams were aided by Christine who saw through that the house resembled its former glory and that period reproductions of furniture are kept faithful. Visitors can get the whole experience of the family’s home life by way of the original furniture present as well as through photographs and other memorabilia on display.

Tours are only made possible with the assistance of a park ranger and are arranged on a first come first serve basis. You can register for tours for groups of 15 at the National Park Service Visitor Center. Make sure you make arrangements early because they tend to be busy during the weekends and holidays. It is also advised that comfortable shoes are worn as well as clothing appropriate for the weather.

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