Mashatu Game Reserve

A Pearl Spot Owl in Mashatu Game Reserve
Photo by: Nils.Woxholt, Creative Commons

Though you may wish to see the whole of Africa in your travel, it can be somewhat costly and tiring. Good thing that in Mashatu Game Reserve, everything about Africa is reflected. Indeed, travelers and locals call it a place to define the whole of Africa. Hence, your dream of seeing the whole of the continent can be made possible with a short visit to this conservation reserve.

In terms of wildlife, you can all see them here. You can watch the largest of the animals, which is the elephants, to the fiercest big cats in the wild. Aside from these great views, you can experience a great safari adventure inside Mashatu Game Reserve. You can take some walk into the wild and experience both horseback and cycling safaris. Add to these up the quietness of the surroundings and the vast blue sky above, you have a total experience of Africa indeed.

Moreover, you can feel the warmth and hospitality of the people when you join the camps of Mashatu. You can stay in the luxurious Mashatu Main Camp or choose the rustic elegance of the Mashatu Tent Camp. Usually, being a guest in any of these camps will give way to a safari vehicle drive to the wilds at least twice a day. Hence, you can have the total experience of everything the place has to offer.

So now, talking about the animals in televisions and books, you have seen them in person already once you have the experience of Mashatu. A trip to this game reserve can definitely open your eyes to how great Africa really is.

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