A view of the Karuma Falls in Masindi, Uganda.
Photo by: sarah_mccans, Creative Commons

Uganda is an interesting country despite its persistent poverty and food supply problems. There are a great number of tourist attractions that you can visit in Uganda to broaden your cultural outlook. Try going rustic for a change and mingle with the natives of Uganda in Masindi. Masindi is a small town located at the northwestern section of Uganda. You can get to Masindi from the main road leading out of the country’s capital city of Kampala. Tourists can spend the night at the Masindi Hotel, the oldest hotel in Uganda. The Masindi Hotel has been in operation since 1923. You can get a feel of native activity in the bustling Masindi Market Street on a Sunday morning. The market, however, can get to be quite congested so you have to make sure that you are comfortably attired for hot and humid Masindi. Don’t forget to carry your own drinking water to ensure that you are fully hydrated at all times.

There is an airport right in Masindi that services the air transport needs of this small town. The presence of the Butiaba Port provides additional access to Masindi. Also in this small town are notable landmarks like the Kinyara Sugar Works which is one of only three major sugar manufacturers in entire Uganda. Several nature parks are also available for tourist visits in Masidi. Among these are the Murchison Falls National Park, the Budongo Forest Reserve, and the Bugungu Wildlife Reserve. The Omukama’s Masindi Palace is also located in this quaint town. Only a few banks are located in this small town so you have to make sure that you have enough local currency on you when you visit Masindi.

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