Resafa Ruins
Photo by: Ai@ce, Creative Commons

Maskanah is not really a town that is likely to appear in travel guides. Why? This is mainly because the town actually lacks the ruins that are present in the other places in Syria. To the locals’ eyes and perhaps to the tourists as well, it is just a small, unpretentious and quiet neighborhood.

But regardless of the seemingly “boring” façade of this place, some people still decide to go here because in a way Maskanah is like a hub to other popular destinations in Syria. Some of which have a few of the historical sites that you absolutely have to see. To give you a better idea, here is a list of the nearby tourist attractions that you can go to if you are staying in Maskanah.

  • Otniel – situated 5 kilometers away from Maskanah. This city is a Jewish Orthodox settlement for the Israelis in the area. The place is famous for Hesder Yeshiva – an institution that integrates the teachings of the Talmud with military tactics.
  • Ashdod – Sea – this is an archaeological site off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The artifacts that were uncovered here were dated as far back as the Iron Age. People also frequent this place to see the fortress of Kal’at Al Mina and the lighthouse that may have been constructed during the Byzantine Period.
  • Tel – Es Safi – this landmark is often referred to as the “White Hill”. The place got its name from the white precipices that cover the hills in the area. Centuries ago, this was a Palestinian settlement where great houses and brick – made mosques were once built. According to some historians, the old city thrived from trading cereals and fruits from their own orchard.
  • Ness Ziona Stadium – this is a recent addition to the tourist destinations in Syria. It was built and used to hold football games that are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Those are some of the places that you need to see next time you decide to visit Maskanah. Yes, you may spend a few of your hours travelling but the sights that you are bound to behold makes your every minute worthwhile.

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