Great Zimbabwe Ruins in Masvingo
Photo by: ctsnow , Creative Commons

Masvingo is a town located in the south eastern part of Zimbabwe. The town was founded in 1890 and is the oldest colonial settlement in the country. It was once called Fort Victoria. There are many sights to see in Masvingo, but there are two main attractions that lure tourists the most: The Great Zimbabwe and the Lake Mutirikwe.
Great Zimbabwe

Also known as the Great Zimbabwe National monument is the site of numerous ruins that lie near the town. It is a very important historical treasure in Zimbabwe and is a major historical monument in the world. Some of the huts and buildings are said to have been constructed during the 11th century by the ancestors of the Shona people. There are many granite walls all around Great Zimbabwe but there is one that stands out: the Great Enclosure. It has walls that extend more than 800 feet.

Lake Mutirikwe
The lake is located inside the Lake Mutirikwe National Park east of Masvingo. There are various species of wildlife in the National Park, particularly birds. It is estimated that there are at least 250 species of bird that can be seen in the park. There are also a handful of aquatic wildlife like hippos, crocodiles and various species of fishes. The lake is an ideal location for water activities such as fly fishing, water skiing and kayaking.

Aside from these two attractions, there are other tourist spots in Masvingo:

• Chamavar Caves – You can view authentic paintings made by the Bushmen.
• Mushandike Sanctuary – Is quite a unique sanctuary. You can see the wildlife being fed and tended personally inside the sanctuary.
• Pokoteke Gorge – A deep gorge in the Beza range. Truly an amazing sight.

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