Winter Palace of Bogd Khaan, Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Photo by: yeowatzup, Creative Commons

Matad, Dornod is one of the provinces of Mongolia famous for its impressive landscapes. It is as flat as a pancake with grassy lands in all points of the town. Few roads, fences, and towns are seen in Matad, Mongolia making this an ecological habitat for animals such as gazelle which can beat even the best jeep drivers.

Between soums or tribes, a transport is made available via the communications office where private vehicles are also available. You can travel by microbuses to get around Matad or by taxi. Private cars in this place were converted to taxis by private owners for public transport.

Matad, Dornod is perfect for those seeking historical places in Mongolia. Among the historical features of this place include the Kherlen Bar city ruins during the eleventh century Kidan period, Chinggis Khaan’s wall route crossing to Bayan-Uul and other towns, the complex of Ikh Burkhant, stone sculptures of the Tureg era found in Shonkh Tavan Tolgoi, stone sculptures in Khutsuu, and the Matad soum Khiimori Gobi.

Nearby hotels are accessible as well as nightlife and dining. There are nearby cafes, bars, canteens, and restaurants where you can drive and stop by for a sumptuous meal and savory Mongolian delicacies.
Many fruits can be found in Matad, Dornod. The “Onon Grove” is a popular wine made of cranberry which is locally made in the province.

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