Matamanoa Island

Matamanoa – Quiet Paradise
Photo by: Richard Gifford, Creative Commons

If you want to forget about your daily worries and work-related problems, you should go to Matamanoa Island, Fiji. True to its purpose or objective of pure rest and relaxation, the island has a policy that does not allow children who are below 12 years old in the island. The idea behind this is that they want adults to fully experience the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of the place, without having to run around or take care of small children. Although it can be said that this place is not for families with small children, this is nevertheless the best place for adults who want to relax and forget about everything.

You should think about joining a guided tour or activities so that you will not miss anything in the island. Of course, you have to pay an extra fee but at least you will be able to enjoy the things that the island has to offer.

If you want to go solo, you can try different outdoor activities like snorkelling, wind surfing, fishing, and boating. Water sports are great activities because the island boasts several great beaches. If you want to go island hopping, you can take advantage of the yacht cruise that will take you to different interesting islands, one of them is the location of the movies “Castaway” which starred Tom Hanks. Foods and drinks are all available on board.

One special kind of boating is to ride on a boat with glass bottom. You can watch the colourful world underwater while riding a boat. It is amazing how you can see fish, corals, and other sea creatures without getting yourself wet. This is the perfect solution for people who are scared of diving in deep water but still want to enjoy seeing marine life.

If you love to play sports and you still want to do it while you are in Matamanoa Island, Fiji, you can still do so because the island has several recreation centers where you can play volleyball, tennis, and even board games. You can do this if the weather outside is not so good, which is rare because it seldom rains in Fiji.

Another thing that you can do to rest and relax is to pamper yourself with different tropical massages, manicure, facial, and pedicure while you are in your own room. You will not only feel good during your stay in Matamanoa. You will also look good.

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