Matmata in Tunisia
Photo by: francesco sgroi , Creative Commons

If the name of the place sounds weird to you, visiting and seeing the actual landscape of the place will blow you off your feet. This secluded town is located in a serene mountain side, with houses made with extraordinary style. Every family shelters in an underground cave, creating a lunar look in the town much of an alien appearance rather than an Earthly one. Unlike the traditional households you have grown to love, the homes in Matmata can be likened to little holes scraped from the mountain. This exemplary style of living is called the Troglodyte architecture, wherein tall walls of thick and solid mud are formed into having small openings in its façade. In these homes, at most 5,000 dwellers live.

Visiting the town will remind you of Star Wars, since Matmata was the actual location for filming of Sidi Driss, the place where Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen lived with Luke Skywalker. Since the production of the film, nothing has been changed in any way, since the place already looks more like a foreign village than a town. This attracts many tourists, and since the actual Hotel Sidi Driss still exists in Matmata, many Star Wars fans have experienced for themselves how it feels to be on planet Tatooine.

Also, the Berbers, or the locals living in Matmata, are very hospitable and friendly toward guests and tourists. You can readily feel their warm welcome once they have seen you. Many even suggest tips in finding reliable tourist guides for you. In that way, you can steer away from the scam fake guides often schemed for newcomers like you.

Overall, Matmata is a unique and exciting place to have on your vacations list. Visiting this place can be your moment to leave Earth without actually being in space!

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