City of Maun developing.
Photo by: jonrawlinson, Creative Commons

You cannot have a complete getaway in the safaris of Botswana without getting to its tourist capital, Maun. With the countless numbers of safaris and a lot of other great places found within, it can start and end your safari adventure perfectly.

Though Maun still reflects a life far from an urban setting, there is already a wide selection of hotels, shopping centers, and lodges. Even if you can still see folks with their cattle across town, you can find cars for hire in town. You can visit the Maun Game Reserve and experience up to eight kilometers of woodland just along the famous Thamalakene River. Moreover, since this town is located perfectly in Botswana, you can be given easy access to more popular and great places in the country. This includes the Chobe-Zambezi Area and the Moremi Game Reserve.

However, before you pack your things and get ready to experience Maun, keep in mind that it is best to visit this town during the winter months from May to October. This is because November to April can bring you too much sweat here and a lot of rainfall can welcome you from December to February.

So if you are dreaming of a great safari adventure, Botswana is your best choice. However, don’t forget to take a look at the wonders of Maun. If you do, your adventure will never be as perfect as you have imagined it to be. But, make sure you visit this place with perfect timing for the good weather.

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