Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Photo by: oquendo, Creative Commons

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico is one of the municipalities in Puerto Rico. It ranks as the 8th largest among the municipalities in the country. Mayaguez is known for its many names such as City of Pure Waters, City of God, City of the Mango and The Sultaness of the West. Faustino Martinez de Matos, Juan de Aponte and Juan de Silva led a group of explorers and founded Mayaguez in 1760.

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico has tuna and textile factories before as their main economic resources. But these factories have closed and created many problems both to the municipality and locals. Now, many industries are establishing and growing in their Industrial Park.

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico became popular because of the sports events being held there. They built two new major stadiums, the baseball stadium and the soccer, track and field stadium. They also have beautiful landmarks such as their wonderful City Hall, Cathedral, Cultural Center, museums, monuments, parks, libraries, malls, French Dock, residence and planetarium. They also have festivities that are fun and colorful. Such events are Three Kings and Black and White Festivals held every January, Matron Celebrations and Festival of Danza National held every February, Carnival of Mayaguez held every May, Cocolia Festival held every July, Mango Festival every August, Artisan and Christmas Fair held every November and December.

Mayaguez’s main form of transportation is the automobile. They have two highways on the island. For public use, they have three trolleys giving free service to locals. These serve as their shuttle between Palacio and the downtown area. Single trolleys are also used.

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