Mayakovskaya (Moscow Metro Station)

Moscow Metro Station 400
Moscow Metro Station
Photo by: yeowatzup, Creative Commons

Mayakovskaya Metro Station is one of the famous stations along the Zamoskvoretskaya Line of Moscow Metro. It is one of the most beautiful stations in the world and a fine example of Stalinist Architecture.

The Metro Station was built as a part of the Metro’s expansion and finally opened in the year 1938, September 11th. The first phase involved construction of the station building, the second phase the metro system itself was constructed. The Metro Station is also the first in the world to feature colonnades on both sides.

The station was designed by Alexey Dushkin, a famous architect from Moscow. It was named after the famous Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. The station also features a number of stunning columns made of pink rhodonite, stainless steel, marble and white Ufaley.

The station is 33 meters below the surface and fortified by ceiling mosaics and filament lights. These mosaics are known as “24-Hour Soviet Sky” and one has to look up to see the bright heaven here.

In the year 2005 a new exit gate, an unusual addition, where those leaving the station have to descend through escalators before they can ascend to leave the station.

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