McKinley Park

Playing games at McKinley Park
Photo by:, Creative Commons

The McKinley Park is one of the most photogenic spots in the city today. The park was recently renovated for sports events in the state such as Tennis, Baseball and Soccer games. Since the park was renovated, it has become a haven for many amateur athletes and professional sports enthusiasts. The park is now well-known for its specially designed tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields. The park has a 4-block square area where Sacramento residents and tourists can have picnics and barbeque parties. The park also has playground equipment such as slides, jungle gyms and swings made from wood.

The Park is a 32-acre recreational area located along the border of the northern part of McKinley Boulevard and the southern part of the Alhambra Boulevard on H Street. The park is also where the branch of the Sacramento Public Library is located. The library is located at the north wing of the park’s commercial center, “Clunie Clubhouse”. The park has a small lake where people can take pictures or take a boat ride with their loved ones. The “Arts Center” and the “Shepherd’s Garden” is the two smallest parks located at the McKinley area.

The eastern part around McKinley Park fronts the city’s central freeway where the State Capital and Midtown area are located. The park’s middle area serves as a venue for monthly social events in Sacramento. The park is where events such as public exhibits are held every month. The eastern part of the McKinley Park is famous for its accessible area where local residents and tourists can take a leisure walk or bike and car ride. School and other community-led activities are usually held at the park. Community activities include educational gatherings, cultural shows, contemporary art exhibits and band concerts.

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