McWane Science Center

McWane Science Center
Photo by: Sweetmoose6, Creative Commons

Located in the heart of downtown Birmingham, Alabama is the perfect destination for kids and adults who have a great passion for fun and learning. The McWane Science Center is indeed the place to be for anyone whose eyes still brim with wonder at the different marvels of nature or whose hearts race with excitement at the thought of dinosaurs and other creatures.

This four story building houses a number of breathtaking exhibits and science demos that are sure to capture your imagination and make you want to explore every nook and cranny that the center has. Apart from the four floors dedicated to its science based features, the McWane Science Center boasts of the Imax Dome Theater where educational films are shown on a five-story tall screen complete with high intensity speakers for the perfect viewing experience.

The exhibits offered on the center’s four floors are varied and are sure to cater to whatever interest you may have, be it aquatic life, dinosaurs, or a host of scientific exploits and discoveries. The exhibit featuring dinosaurs has always been a winner for people of all ages while the amazing aquarium and the different environmental showcases provide relaxation for some. Apart from these interesting displays, science demos on different fields are performed by highly trained and well equipped educators. To cap all of these, science films and other educational shows can be seen in the Imax Dome Theater.

As a nonprofit endeavor, the proprietors of the center only have the interest of inspiring the love of learning among children and of continuing to awaken the sense of awe among adults. Since it opened in 1998 millions of people of different ages have flocked to the area to experience this exhilarating learning environment.

The place is easy enough to reach through different Interstate Routes and highways and group tours and fieldtrips can be pre-arranged on their website. The center is open seven days a week at rates that are just right for the features that they offer.

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